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Renew Your Relationship with Water


Water is Life…

…but what does that mean for our day to day living?

We have lost so much of our feeling for water and the deep connection we all have with water’s beauty, power and wisdom.

“Remembering how to treat water well is to reconnect with the truth of who we are.”

We are living in a time of change. Lockdown has brought us many lessons and made people much more aware of the value of spending time in nature.

We can build a new relationship with nature that goes beyond simply visiting nature, if we know how and what to focus on.

On this webinar we will cover…

… The Sacred Nature of Water …

…to remember some of our forgotten traditions that help renew our relationship with water.
~ Creation Myths ~
~ Healing / Holy Wells and Spas ~


… What is Full Spectrum ‘Living’ Water? …

~ Nature’s Structured Water ~
~ How tap water lowers our frequency ~
~ What does water need to be vibrantly ‘alive’? ~


… How to Re-energise our Water …

… and in doing so re-energise ourselves.

Together we will enter the well of memory…

Dive in…


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