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šŸ’§We are committed to helping you with hydrationšŸ’§

In addition we would love provide you with further information and resources to deepen your relationship with water.

Our Waterfall customers are warmly invited to join our Waterfall Community where we explore the further mysteries of water, reconnecting, remembering and renewing a deeper relationship with this most fundamental element for life.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nikken PiMag Water Filtration Systems: Which contaminants are filtered out? What is PiMag Water? What is Nano-Filtration Technology? and more…


Your are invited to “Renew Your Relationship with Water” and learn about Nature’s structured water as a tool for health and healing, Hydration and why it matters as well as how to honour the sacred nature of water.

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Waterfall Community

Dive in and be part of our Waterfall Community, an additional resource for our Nikken PiMag Waterfall Customers and Consultants.

What is PiMagĀ® Water?

PiMagĀ® Water or ā€˜Pi Waterā€™ means ā€˜Living Waterā€™ and takes its inspiration from the fresh, mineral rich, alkaline streams of Japan.