A Water Filtration System that does it all:
– Countertop, Gravity Filtration, 5 litre Capacity
– Certified to Reduce Contaminants to Gold Standard
– Energised, Alkaline, Structured Water for Enhanced Hydration

Tastes Better

An advanced filtration system that uses a multi-stage process to create clean, alkaline, mineral-rich, ionised, energised and oxygenated water. Enjoy fresh, spring-like water that is easy to drink and tastes like a ‘mountain stream’

Certified to Reduce Contaminants

The filter has been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval from the Water Quality Association (USA) as well as certifications under NSF International standards 42 and 53.

Water-Contaminant Reducing Technology reduces chlorine, arsenic, pesticides, insecticides, solvents, herbicides, and heavy metals like lead and mercury. Fluoride content is also reduced.

Gravity Filtration with 5 Litre Capacity

A countertop filter that requires no electricity or plumbed-in water source. Simply fill with tap water and filtered PiMag® water collects in the lower supply tank. Convenient and easy to use in any location.

Multi-Stage Filtration

PiMag® Water Technology uses numerous levels of filtration to create natural defenses against a wide range of tap water contaminants.


The first stage of the PiMag® Waterfall Gravity System is a pre-filter, removing larger particles from the water.

Silver Activated Carbon Charcoal

The second stage of filtration captures microscopic particles using activated carbon, removing chemicals and other impurities naturally.

Charcoal carbon is a natural material that operates on the adsorption principle. Its large surface area makes an extremely effective method of natural filtration. Activated carbon is a natural material made by processing charcoal in an oxygen-rich environment to create an even greater surface area.

Silver Activated Charcoal reduces bacteria and helps to inhibit their growth. It also ionises the water and increases the antioxidant potential.

Bio Ceramic Beads

Next, a layer with spheres of Pi Ceramic material create micro-clustered, structured water so your cells and can hydrate more effectively. They also help to adjust the water’s pH so it is more alkaline (pH value ranges between 8.5-9.5).

Alkaline Water Filter

Naturally alkaline, enhanced water helps to neutralize acids and remove toxins from the body. It is also micro-clustered, so it is absorbed at a faster rate, aiding with rehydration of the body’s tissues.

Naturally Alkaline or Artificially Alkaline?

It is important to note that water can be either naturally alkaline or artificially alkaline. Why? Naturally alkaline water contains the alkaline minerals the body needs to combat acidity. Artificially alkaline water, such as water from a typical alkaline water ionizer machine, has a pH that is artificially increased and does not have any more alkaline minerals than the original water used to supply the machine. Artificially alkaline water has also been proven to cause side effects, and from a chemical perspective, such a water cannot be found anywhere in nature.

alkaline water filter
Mineral Rich, Alkaline Water

The final stages of the PiMag® Waterfall feature a bed of mineral stones and magnetic field technologies which help to release oxygen, energise, de-cluster and structure the water molecules and regulate the acid/alkaline balance of the the water so it has a slightly Alkaline pH (ranging between 8.5-9.5).

Natural Softener

The layer of silica sand helps with the natural filtration of heavy metals. It also acts as a natural water softener and regulates the water’s pH for alkaline water.

Anti-Oxidant Rich Water

The advanced PiMag® filtration also lowers the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of the water. This means that the filtered water is deoxidising and contains antioxidants.

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Hydrates Better

Water that is more ‘bioavailable’ is easier for your body to absorb. The PiMag ® Waterfall Filter is designed to transform your tap water into ‘Pi Water’ or ‘Living Water’ with all the properties of bioavailability.

Magnetized Water

Water is not actually magnetized but when exposed to a magnetic field, water is more ‘bio-available’ – water molecules cluster in smaller groups which are more easily absorbed by the body.

Magnets can activate water molecules to change their structure to a hexagonal configuration which also makes the water more bioavailable and easily absorbed into our cells.

Structured Water

The water in our cellular body is structured, living water – this refers to the arrangement of the water molecules.

Structured Water is created by the natural action of water found in nature as it runs over rocks and spins around curves.

The PiMag ® Waterfall filter recreates and encourages this natural spiralling of water in its gravity filtration system to create structured water that the body can more easily recognise and absorb.


Made with BPA-free (no bisphenols or phthalates), non-leaching, recyclable, biodegradable materials with recyclable filter cartridges.

Cost Effective

A cheaper alternative to buying bottled water that will not only save you money but also help reduce your use of environmentally UNfriendly plastic bottles.

Only Available from Nikken

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