What is PiMag® Water?

PiMag® Water or ‘Pi Water’ means ‘Living Water’ and takes its inspiration from the fresh, mineral rich, alkaline streams of Japan.

Pi water was originally discovered by Japanese scientists in the 1970s. Observation had suggested that the water from an isolated hillside stream had a remarkable effect on the plant life in the area. The scientists examined the environment and found that it contained an unusual collection of topographical features.

The surrounding hills contained magnetite and calcium. The watercourse flowed over silicates, the material that forms natural crystal. The water from it was found to have an atypical combination of minerals, and was naturally alkaline. This alkalinity helps to balance the acidic diet and stress-induced acidity that is commonly experienced in modern life.

A Natural Wonder, Recreated.

Technicians have successfully adapted filter technology to reduce contaminants the same way that nature does — without adding chlorine or other chemicals to water.

PiMag® water filter technologies seek to replicate the conditions found in nature to create clean, energised water the way nature intended.

“The healthiest water on the planet”

Dr. G. Lindner

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