PIMAG® Microjet Shower

Quality shower water filter for clean, chlorine free showers.

Neutralise Chlorine

The PiMag® MicroJet® Shower Water Filter uses a simple yet efficient technology to help neutralize chlorine.

Advanced Filtration

Effectively reduce chlorine exposure and make your shower water comparable in quality to the water you drink.

Advanced filtration components additionally reduce dirt, sediment and odors, for the cleanest and most refreshing shower you can experience.

Air-Induction Technology

Chlorine-reduction systems in other shower filters merely trap most of the chlorine or add other chemicals to counteract it.

The PiMag® MicroJet® uses a reduction/oxidation process to convert free-radical chlorine ions to neutral chlorides.

This is augmented by patent-pending Air-Induction Technology, which injects air into the shower stream to increase the electronegative potential of the water, for more effective filtration.

Water Pressure

Air induction also creates a higher air-to-water ratio, in which the water stream is less viscous and has less surface tension.

Water passes through the nozzle with decreased resistance, to help maintain water pressure without requiring a higher flow rate.

Microbubbles that Moisturise

The adjustable nozzle release streams of Microbubbles within the water flow.

These miniaturized bubbles provide an effective cleansing action that penetrates surface buildup of soil deposits, assists in moisturizing the skin and imparts a feeling of freshness and softness.

PiMag® water for your skin

The skin is the largest organ and can absorb 6 times more Chlorine in a 10 minutes shower than when drinking one glass of tap water.

Natural Filtration

Features Nikken’s exclusive blend of filtration materials and magnetic technology to create “Pi Water”.

This water was first discovered in a remote region of Japan, where scientists observed amazing results on the surrounding plants. Nikken technology replicates the environmental conditions that created pi water in its original setting.

Naturally Conditioned Water

Advanced magnetic technology conditions water and helps reduce clumping in the flow, without salt or other chemical additives, to decrease mineral buildup.

Easy Installation

Replaces standard showerhead, in minutes. The replaceable filter cartridge needs changing every 5,000 gallons or 3 months (based on average use).

Only Available from Nikken

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