PIMAG® Bottle Filter

Portable, Light-Weight Water Bottle Filter that does it all:
– Removes Contaminants, Pathogens and Micro-Plastics
– Alkaline, Structured Water for Enhanced Hydration

Nano Filtration Technology

State-of-the-art, Nano-Filtration Technology was originally developed for NASA, and offers high quality filtration in a portable water bottle that you can use wherever you go.

pimag bottle filter
Travel Water Filter Bottle

Suitable for international travel where you may be refilling your water bottle in areas with questionable water quality.

Certified to Reduce Contaminants

The patent pending, state-of-the-art, nano-filtration technology was originally developed for NASA.

The advanced Charged Layer Membrane (CLM) filters out Contaminants, Pathogens (bacteria, protozoa & virus), and Micro-Plastics.

Alkaline Water

The filter adds alkalising minerals to naturally adjust the pH value of the water to 8.5 – 9.5 range (alkaline water).

Structured Water

Magnetic Field Technology breaks up clusters of water molecules, energises your drinking water to create Structured Water that is more bioavailable. This means that it is easier for your body to absorb and hydrates better.

Eco Friendly

Use the refillable PiMag® Bottle filter to help reduce plastic waste in our world.

Reusable Bottle, Replaceable filter

The bottle is reusable and each filter lasts for approx. 250 refills. This is roughly 3 months of average use.

Cost Effective

The cost of filling up your reusable PiMag® Bottle is around half the price per litre of buying bottled water.


It is also made from a unique BPA free resin. And in case you lose your PiMag® Bottle, it is fully biodegradable. It breaks down into natural biomass that contributes to the soil’s nutrients.

Only Available from Nikken

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PIMAG® Bottle Filter

State-of-the-art, Nano-Filtration Technology removes contaminants, pathogens and micro plastics.

An economical, environmental alternative to bottled water.

PiMag® technology adjusts pH to create Alkaline Water.

Safe, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable bottle.

The replaceable filter is good for approximately 250 refills / 3 months.

Only Available from Nikken

Click here for more information and place your orders directly with Nikken.