PiMag® Water Filters

Science that Replicates Nature

Fresh, Spring-like Water

Water filters designed to transform tap water into natural, spring-like, mineral rich water using science that replicates nature.

What is PiMag® Water?

PiMag® Water or ‘Pi Water’ means ‘Living Water’ and takes its inspiration from the fresh, mineral rich, alkaline streams of Japan.

Technicians have successfully adapted filter technology to reduce contaminants the same way that nature does — without adding chlorine or other chemicals to water.

PiMag® water filters seek to replicate the conditions found in nature to create clean, energised water the way nature intended.

PiMag Water Filters

PiMag® Waterfall Filter

The PiMag® Waterfall system will transform the quality of your tap water into fresh, spring-like drinking water.

The natural filtration process is gravity fed so there’s no plumbing or electricity required.

A simple solution for delicious, filtered, mineral water in your home or office.

PiMag® Bottle Filter

Take the PiMag® Bottle Water Filter with you for on-the-go filtration.

Create delicious PiMag® Water wherever you are – travelling to work, playing sports, even on holiday.

Transform the quality of any safe tap water into fresh, spring-like drinking water, wherever you go.

PiMag Botle Water Filters
PiMag shower water filters

PiMag® MicroJet® Shower Filter

This water filter for showers effectively neutralises chlorine and transforms your shower water into natural spring-like water

Advanced filtration components additionally reduce dirt, sediment and odours, for the cleanest and most refreshing shower you can experience.

Water is an Essential Nutrient

People often think of water as a beverage choice when actually it is an essential nutrient and critical to life itself.

“If someone were to ask me what’s the ONE thing I can do to have better health, then the answer would be very simple:
Start Drinking Alkaline Ionised Water.”

Dr. Robert Young, Biochemist and author of pH miracle books

pimag waterfall water filters

PiMag® Waterfall

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Sport Bottle
pimag shower filter
MicroJet® Shower
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